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  • Food for Thought

    It often amuses me how often Facebook friends from a variety of cultures, post photographs of their food. That’s not to say I don’t find it interesting – culturally diverse dishes … more

  • Mentoring Generation-Z

    Tags: Mentoring, IT for Kids

    The value of a mentor is immense. Mentors come in many guises, but generally are of a different generation to the mentoree, in order to be able to provide the depth and breadth of experience, … more

  • More Changes

    Tags: changes, blog, facebook, twitter, Social Media

    One change leads to others… Recently I’ve made some changes on my blogs and social networks: first, I’ve created a public Facebook page to separate my professional updates from my … more

  • A Precious Time

    Sometimes it suddenly strikes me how fast my children are growing. It can almost seem that one day they were entirely dependent babies and then in no time at all, they have become independent with a … more

  • Sharing Shows Caring

    Tags: Career, Social Media, Mentors, Mentoring

    The brilliant thing about so many social and professional media platforms is that it’s so easy for anyone to access up-to-the-minute developments, news and updates in any given field which may … more

  • All Roads Lead to Success

    Tags: Mentoring

    Like any journey, attaining professional success can take a round-about route. In my mentoring work, it is not uncommon to hear of frustration when dealing with this reality. We all tend to imagine, ( … more

  • Changes on my Blog

    Tags: Search Explained, News

    If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you might have noticed there are some changes happened here.

    After years spent writing mostly about Enterprise Search and Content Management, you will … more

  • A Brand New Life

    There can be no more exciting life experience, than that of a brand new life.  Every mother certainly knows this!  A new baby fills us with such love, joy and gratitude. Whether a first … more

  • Kids & Kindle

    Tags: IT for Kids

    Coming from a non-English speaking background and working in the international arena has made honing my language skills extremely important to me personally and professionally. As a mother, I am very … more

  • Sisterhood

    Tags: Mentoring

    The majority of professional women work in a male-dominated industry sector. In areas where the majority of the workforce is made up of women, quite often the power base is held by male bosses. In … more

  • It's all Geek to me!

    The English have a saying ‘It’s all Greek to me’. It means; I have understood so little of what you’re saying that it is as if you are speaking to me in the Greek language. … more