Sample Outline - Search Based Applications workshop 2-day (Singapore, 2014)

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What are search-based apps?

Search-based apps, or SBAs, are apps that are built using the power of enterprise-class search engines like the fully integrated FAST in SharePoint 2013. You don't need a database to power these apps; the power of search feeds the app!

Search is not just about retrieving links to information. It can also retrieve data. The enhanced Search in SharePoint 2013 has the capabilities of crawling both structured and unstructured data sources. It can extract entities like names of vendors and geographic locations. It can build semantic clusters of information. All this meaning can be presented using dashboards and faceted navigation interfaces.

What are the benefits of SBAs?

  • SBAs use the already existing functionality and power of enterprise search. You don't need to custom program to get this power.
  • SBAs use the messy, siloed information the way it is. You don't need to create and migrate information into databases.
  • SBAs are quick to adapt to changing requirements. You don't need to spend months to make small changes.
  • Most importantly, SBAs leverage your investment in SharePoint.

What you can expect to learn

  • A solid understanding of SBAs and how they work
  • How to make a case for using SBAs
  • A roadmap for building and planning SBAs
  • Resources and infrastructure needed to implement SBAs


Day 1

  • Introduction - Search Based Applications
  • Planning for SBAs
  • Content Processing
  • Search metadata
  • Entity Extraction, Auto-tagging
  • Working with Queries

Day 2

  • User Experience in SBA
  • Search Governance
  • Implementing SBAs - Action Plan

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