Best Practices Conference 2010 Follow-up

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I’m very honored to be the part of the speakers team in the Best Practices Conference in 2010 again. Originally I’ve planned for three sessions and one Ask the Experts Panel, but finally I had one more session on Search Based Navigation as Zlatan Dzinic couldn’t make the conference this time. I really wish him a speedy recovery!
So that, I’ve been very busy during the conference, I wanted to be prepared for this new session at least as good as for the others. So if you wanted to meet me and didn’t have a chance, I’m really apologize! Please drop me an e-mail and we’ll find out when and where to meet next time.
I feel, my sessions were great, with big and great audience, with a lot of questions, comments and discussions. Thanks everyone who came to my sessions, it was a really great experience! Especially if you came to more than one – I even had some people came to all my four sessions! Wow! :)
Finally, I’d like to say a huge that to the organizers: for the event, for inviting me again, and for the full conference experience!
Also, I’ve uploaded my slide decks to SlideShare, feel free to send your questions or comments:
Thanks again, and hope to see you soon, for example at The Experst Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany, or at the Best Practices Conference 2011 in San Diego, California (stay tuned, more to come soon)!