Enterprise Search Europe and my Search Online Training wrap up

Tags: event, Recent Event Notes, SharePoint 2013

Last week, I had a very intense schedule. Usually I don't like doing more than one event at the same week but this was an exception.

First, I was honored to speak at Enterprise Search Europe in London. Was very good seeing the European Search Community in action - and for me, it was a kind of "upside down" experience: usually I speak about Search to SharePoint folks. But now, I had to speak about SharePoint 2013's capabilities to Search experts. And also, had a LOT of interesting and inspiring discussions.

Unfotunately, I had to leave earlier, due to my schedule: I made my very first Online Search Class with SharePoint-Videos.com. I feel it went very well, had a lot of GREAT questions - this is always a good sign. Thank you everyone who attended!(If you couldn't make it, stay tuned for the next one!)

Next station is Paris, then Oslo and Vienna. See you there!