Happy New Year 2011

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New year, new blog. I’ve finished the migration, although it took longer than I’ve expected. I’ve used Metalogix Blog Migrator tool, at I have to say: it’s great! The migration of my English content, including posts, categories and comments, was seamless. But I had some issues with my Hungarian content: it had been moved from Wordpress to SharePoint 2010, and the Blog Migrator skipped a lot of posts and categories, and skipped all the comments. After some research and testing, I found out that the reason of problem was the Hungarian language itself: we have a lot of characters with accents: á, é, í, ó, ö, ő, ú, ü, ű… And of corse, I have a lot of post titles including one or more characters with accents. Blog Migrator couldn’t migrate these posts, so I needed to do that manually.

Also, I needed to do that with the Hungarian comments.

But, as a good news: before the old aghy.hu, I’ve had another blog that had been turned out a few years ago, without any notification. So that, all of my posts had been lost. During this migration, I found out that I can reach my very old posts at web.archive.org! Finally, I migrated all of them to this new aghy.hu site, so that I have all the blog posts ever written by me here! Yes, my first post was born back in 2003…

As a result, here is my new aghy.hu site, with my English and Hungarian blogs all together.

Thanks fpWeb.net for hosting this site!

Anyway, here is a short retrospect of 2010:

Also, here are my plans for 2011:

  • Next HUNSUG Meeting: Jan 25, 2011 with SP2010 developer topics. My plan is having HUNSUG Meeting in every 2nd month.
  • Places where I’ll be in the first months of 2011 for sure:
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Boston, USA
    • San Diego, USA
    • London, UK
  • Online conferences and presentations (SPS EMEA, SharePoint User Group North Jersey, etc.)
  • Some written publications are also on their way. Some others are under construction ;)

I wish all of you a happy, exciting, prosperous, wealthy and healthy 2011.

Happy New Year!


  • said

    Nice one Aghy. Hope your freelancing is going very well, I wish you lots of success with it.

  • said

    Thanks Guys! I'll be in Boston for working this time. SPTechCon is still a big questionmark in my schedule.

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