Missing Blank Site Template in SharePoint 2013

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    Y'know it was there in B2. But the SP2013 workflows wouldn't work with it, so I think they removed it. LOL They still don't work BTW

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    ...normally, one would scoff at modifying out-of-the-box SharePoint files because it breaks any chance you have at getting Microsoft support and because Microsoft can overwrite your changes with a hotfix at any time. However, the exception to this rule is to modify the Hidden attribute of web template definitions. For this single attribute, and no other changes, Microsoft will happily support and leave alone your changes. .b

  • northgork said

    Thanks, but for existing site collections you forgot the part where you need to go to site settings, then "page layouts and site templates", and then add the "blank site" template.

  • Adam Krouskop said

    Thanks for this tip!

    My organization is using Office 365, so hacking the WEBTEMP.XML file wasn't an option. Using the PowerShell cmdlet probably would have worked, but I went a third route:

    I just used the developer tools of my web browser to change the HTML of the Site Creation Page, modifying the <select> to add an <option> with a value of "STS#1". Picking that newly added option and continuing created the site nice and blank.

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