Retrospective 2012

Tags: Recent Event Notes

I'm on the way home, from my very last business/conference trip of 2012. It's been a great and busy year, with travelling about 75 days, meeting a lot of great people and seeing old friends, visiting amazing places and experiencing a lot of fun (both professionally and personally).

Some highlights and "first-time-in-my-life" ones of these events:

  • First of all, SPLive! in Orlando was a great one. Not only because I felt in love with the place, but because the organizers did a really great job - well organized, high quality conference. Congrats, and thank you for inviting me!!!Also, it was the first time where I did a full day Search workshop, and I feel it was a great success. Search is a hot topic, getting important more and more, and the interest is bigger and bigger. I'll do the very same workshop at SPC Europe in Copenhagen (4-7 Feb 2013), so if couldn't make Orlando don't miss this event!

  • SPC in Vegas was a big one too. Not in the meaning of size only, but in the feeling and experience too. More than ten thousand people, and first time I made a presentation there. Having a fully packed room, getting VERY good feedbacks and eval scores… I'm very proud of it.

  • SP Adriatics in Croatia was one of my personal favorite one. This was a kind of conference where you feel "home", the organizers are great guys, do everything with all heart and joy, the full conference is like a big party with friends. And >150 attendees. Was great! And first time in my life when I've got to have the top rated session with 4.86 J

  • Going back in time, SPConnections in Bavaria had the most beautiful conference venue I've ever been. I'm so glad I could bring my family, we had very good time there! And first time when my son was my co-presenter J He's still so proud of this, keeping his speaker badge on the door of his room J I'm sure we'll do this again!

And what's on the flip side? What would I do differently/better if I could do this year again? - Well, I think I would do everything the same way, except one: I would write more. This year have had a LOT of events and countless sessions I made, but well, my blog went very poorly.

Next year? – First of all, I'll write more. J And I'll keep doing the conferences, events and workshops. And have some more plans too…

Hope to see you somewhere around the world!

But first and foremost, before we get into 2013, I wish all of you a happy, relaxing holiday season with your beloved ones! See you next year!