SharePoint 2007 Developer's Guide to Business Data Catalog

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I’m happy to announce: Brett Lonsdale & Nick Swan’s new BDC book, the SharePoint 2007 Developer’s Guide to Business Data Catalog is just published a few days ago!
The data locked in your organization's systems and databases is a precious—and sometimes untapped—resource. The SharePoint Business Data Catalog makes it easy to gather, analyze, and report on data from multiple sources, through SharePoint. Using standard web parts, an efficient management console, and a simple programming model, you can build sites, dashboards, and applications that maximize this business asset.
SharePoint 2007 Developer's Guide to Business Data Catalog is a practical, example-rich guide to the features of the BDC and the techniques you need to build solutions for end users. The book starts with the basics—what the BDC is, what you can do with it, and how to pull together a BDC solution. With the fundamentals in hand, it explores the techniques and ideas you need to put BDC into use effectively in your organization.
I think it’s a must-have book!


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