Tools and Programs I use in my everyday work

Tags: SharePoint 2007, tools

As a consultant and architect, my everyday work stands on two main pillars:
  1. I have to be well informed and up-to-date with current technologies, news and events, so I need tools for handing the huge information flow and help me to filter the relevant news, blog posts, events, etc. and recognize immediately the irrelevant pieces.
  2. I have to share my knowledge with others: clients, partners, readers, etc.
In other words, I have to pull and push information every day. It’s not to easy, I have to map out my days very well. Here is a short (and not full) list of the most useful tools I use – this list changes often, but the basics are the same:


For brainstorming, planning, visualizing there is no better way than mindmapping. I’ve tried a couple of tools but MindManager is the best one withouth doubt. Easy to use, clear user interface, rich functionality. By the truth a few years ago I couldn’t imagine what the hell is mindmapping and why was it so good, but after realizing its power, I can’t believe without it! image

Colligo Reader / Contributor

Colligo has some tools for synchronization between WSS/MOSS and your local computer.Colligo Reader has a one-way synch and you can access your content in a read-only way, but we can also have two-way synchronization between SharePoint and local computers with Colligo Contributor. I for one love it! I’m able to work offline with my documents as well as list items. Moreover, it has an Outlook add-in extends the out-of-the-box document synch capabilities – first of all, I can drag e-mails and other Outlook items to the document libraries!


Oh yes. One of the simplest tool, but has two powerful capabilities: it makes us able to have easy notes eg. during meetings, and it’s able to synchronize with SharePoint! In my company, we share our notes about client meetings as well as several sucks during our projects. This is a kind of common knowledgebase, but nothing needed else a OneNote client. Even if we’re offline on the client side our notes are synchronized later, so we can be up-to-date with each other’s projects, meetings, etc.

Windows Live Writer

It’s very simple: I use WLW to write my blog posts. Like this.

FeedDemon + NewsGator

Yes, I have to push content to you, readers, clients, colleagues, I have to collaborate with many of you – as well as I have to pull information to be up-to-date and well informed. Moreover, I’d like to be able to read news offline and I’d like to be able to read information from other places than my own laptop. I know I’m a typical woman with too much wants :) And really, I don’t want so much: after a lot of trying I’ve found the best tool for me. All of my needs are possible with FeedDemon and NewsGator. I use FeedDemon to read RSS feeds on my laptop synchronized with my NewsGator account. When I’m offline I can read everything with FeedDemon – and when I’m online not on my laptop I can be up-to-date with NewsGator. Moreover, I can tag the posts, categorize them, and I can also define watches to watch new content with specified words (eg. ‘SharePoint 2010’).


Work? Joke? Something useful or just a fun? Twitter is one of the best example of social networking. TweetDeck is a rich client where I can see my friends’ tweets, replies and direct messages to me, moreover I can define twitter searches for keywords (for example #SharePoint) and I can be up-to-date even tweets of folks are not in my network. And yes, TweetDeck can be integrated also with FaceBook, so you can see your FB friends’ status updates in the same tool.
Of course, I have a lot of tools not mentioned in this list. In the future, I’ll be back with some of them.