Book Recommendation: Year of Living Danishly

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Denmark has been the world’s happiest country.

When Helen Russell was given the opportunity of a new life in rural Jutland, Denmark, she decided there’s only one way to find out the secret to their success: she would give herself a year, trying to uncover the “formula” for Danish happiness.

She examines childcare, education, food, interior design, taxes and many more.

Even if you’re not planning to move to Denmark (neither I do!), her book, The Year of Living Danishly has some very nice lessons, tips and tricks. It's a really recommended read, with good sense of humor. We all might benefit from living a little more Danishly ourselves.

My most favorite quote from the book:

“Thinking about it this way, it’s no wonder Danes are so happy. They have an obscenely good quality of life. Yes, it’s expensive here. But it’s Denmark – it’s worth it. I don’t mind paying more for a coffee here because I know that it means the person serving me doesn’t a) hate me or b) have a crappy life. Everyone is paid a decent wage, everyone is looked after, and everyone pays their taxes, just as I pay mine. And if we all have marginally less money to buy more stuff that we don’t really need anyway as a result, well I’m starting to think it’s a deal worth making.”

What do you think? Why happy people and nations are so happy?
Do you live in a happy country? What’s your secret?
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