Christmas is Coming - Corporate Christmas

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It’s that time of year again! On the work front it can be a frantic countdown: deadlines to meet; Christmas client, staff and corporate hospitality to attend and to host; Christmas correspondence to send out; strategies and projections to plan for the New Year... There’s no wonder we arrive in December 25th a little jaded sometimes! Yet would we have it any other way?

Sure, we might think, on a particularly pressurised December work day that we could live without the Christmas Countdown. Those of us who don’t celebrate the Christian calendar date are just as affected – after all Christmas is global –– a global opportunity; especially for those in the retail industry, this is peak season.

I’m very mindful of the clients I have in different sectors and what this time of year represents to them and to their business. There’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas is highly commercial and from its strong significance, in terms of business bottom-line. Whatever we may think of this fact, it is a fact – one which we have to realistically prepare for and, embrace. It’s a vital time for the majority of my clients. It’s a time of year when I need to run very fast to deliver what is needed to support those clients and when I need to really appreciate their priorities and schedules.

The standing joke about ‘Christmas is cancelled’ – due to lack of time, interest, enthusiasm – is understandable and it’s easy to see how the true meaning of Christmas can get lost in the world of commerce. Yet we don’t need to lose sight of its meaning entirely. Christmas, and its incumbent correspondence, hospitality and parties, is also a prime opportunity to show our peers, staff and clients that they are genuinely valued and appreciated. It’s often a chance to relate more personally to the people we know only professionally. Of course, there are great ways to do this, and ways how not to do this! I thought this piece was quite amusing on the subject ….

I hope the Christmas Countdown is being kind to you and that you are being kind to yourself! Keep perspective and keep at least a little time for yourself – have a cup of coffee and take a time out; read a short fun piece, call your BF for a quick chat, take a short stroll.

Gift yourself the time to be present – you deserve a present – after all it is Christmas! Or very nearly.

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