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I recently wrote about Corporate Christmas in my Christmas is Coming! Blog series. Today my thoughts turn to Kid Christmas. It doesn’t matter how flat out we are with our business, we still need to be on top of Kid Christmas.

I find the children’s excitement and enthusiasm infectious at this time of year. Whilst Corporate Christmas can be largely about little to do with the true spirit of the festive season, Kid Christmas is the exact opposite and equally important. Just as much thought and planning goes into it in my schedule. I take responsibility for making the most of the opportunity to ensure it a special time for my kids. After all, it’s no good complaining that Christmas is too commercialized if all we do as parents is (literally) buy into that fact, using our work pressures as the justification.

Now I know that many of my readers are not in my position. I do have the luxury of being my own boss and of working most of the time from my home office. This year I have come up with, what I hope you’ll also find, a different approach to the traditional Advent Calendar. Not only does the Aghy Advent Calendar meet the kid-criteria of an exciting Christmas countdown, but it can actually make your life easier if you work it that way. Plus, it lets you out of the guilt of loading your kids with candy starting December 1st – what a marathon in sugar over-load that is for small already over-excited bodies and minds!

This is beginning to sound like a sales pitch, right?! I really want to gift you with my idea because I am so pleased and excited with it, that I’m going to use it every year from now on. Here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve created Advent Calendars for both my primary school age children, with little surprise experiences. For example “make some secret surprise for your siblings”, “make some secret surprise for your friends”, “we’ll visit Gellert Hill this evening and watch Budapest’s lights from there”, “we have a movie-day today”, etc. You get the point.

They have separate Advent Calendars, because some days they have “secret missions” to each other, and some other days they have to collaborate in secret (“don’’t tell it to Dad and Mom…”).

I found that they really LOVE this kind of Advent Calendar, too. They’re excited every morning to open up the message of that day – and also, they’re excited all day while waiting for it to happen.

You can build in surprises to help you with your work schedule too, if you’re unable to be with your kids. For example, “today you have a surprise play date” or “today Grandma is taking you to visit the Christmas tree and Santa” or “tonight when Mom gets home, she’s bringing a special Advent dinner feast or treat” (read: takeout or favourite dessert! OK, maybe a little sugar in that one).

I’d love to hear of any different ideas you have for Kid Christmas. And if you use mine, please share with me how it goes.

Home Made Advent Calendar with Activities and Experiences for Children & Family

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