Exciting News - Top 25 European Office 365 Influencers

Top 25 Office 365 Influencers in Europe, 2015Wow! I am so excited as I write this quick blog to share my great news with you...

I’ve just learnt about my latest award, as one of the Top 25 European Office 365 Influencers. I’m one of just two women recognized!

This is the third year running that I have been given this honour and I am just as thrilled as I was the first and second time around.

For those of you who don’t work in my space, this award is given in recognition of those who are considered to be the cloud collaboration masters in the digital workplace; specifically Microsoft thought leaders on Office 365 and SharePoint and the contribution we have made in helping businesses better use their enterprise collaboration tools.

Earlier this year I was also given the Global Top 25 Office 365 Influencers award, another huge honour.

To my fellow European Top 25 winners, I say a big Congratulations!

Our work guiding European Office 365 and SharePoint users into a new era is always exciting and rewarding work. To be recognised for doing what you love is really and truly the icing on the cake!

Thanks so much for the recognition :) !!


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