Food for Thought

It often amuses me how often Facebook friends from a variety of cultures, post photographs of their food. That’s not to say I don’t find it interesting – culturally diverse dishes are definitely of interest and actually, food is one of my loves, which is probably something we all have in common. Whether we love to cook it or to eat it or enjoy the company, ambience and happy family and festive occasions associated with it, food brings us together.

Could this be why food shares are so prevalent and approved of I wonder … I’d like to offer the thought that another reason is that as a basic and common necessity to us all, food is a grounding ingredient of life. Generally we associate food with comfort, security, companionship and contentment. It grounds us in the hurly-burly of our hectic life. Sure there are times when we dash in and slap together a pot luck meal for the family, from whatever happens to be in the fridge or pantry. There are days when we are on-the-run from dawn to dusk and quickly eat less than nutritious lunches or even, forget to eat lunch at all! Yet, however poorly we treat our food or eat our food, we always find comfort from it before too long…

As  parents of three young children there is no better treat than a rare date night in a favourite restaurant where, work-free, kid-free and chore-free, we can enjoy each other’s company, relaxing ambience and chef-prepared wonders.

There is no better way to bring family together than with a home-cooked meal prepared together, with love, with recipes passed down from great-grandmas, grandmas and mothers.

There  is no better hospitality than to invite friends, relations and colleagues into your home for a meal and as someone who travels a lot for work, I love it when I am invited into a home rather than facing another restaurant meal. Food really is about sharing - which is why I guess we see so much of it shared on Facebook!

A traditional Hungarian food - Goulash

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