Into 2016 and Beyond

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Happy New Year!! Don’t you love a brand new shiny start? I do!

I’m always excited about what the new year holds – so many new things: plans, people, places, opportunities, lessons, experiences… the list is endless –– and that’s just the things I know about, which I can look forward to with anticipation.

What’s almost as exciting are the things I don’t know about – the unknown, serendipitous happenstance of life; where could this year lead me? As I said, exciting, yes?!

I titled this first blog of 2016, borrowing from Buzz Lightyear’s often repeated catchphrase, "To infinity... and beyond!" It seems to encapsulate a sense of adventure and optimism and bravery. (It’s a brave new year, so let’’s have some bravery). If you aren’t familiar with the Toy Story movies, Buzz is the toy space ranger hero. I also like his phrase because it reminds me that whatever I do now or start now, can have an amazing and far reaching effect, not just this year but beyond this year and into my future. The possibilities right now, and beyond now, are infinite. So all those pre-Christmas plans I laid, I’m now eager to get on with.

Some of the things I do know about and had planned for, are the events diary dates relating to my work and my industry in 2016. If you’re in the same sector as me, and if you’re interested, here’s how it‘s looking so far:

Maybe I’ll see you there! If we’ve never met, this could be one of those new experiences with new people, to look forward to.

I’m sure you’re ‘buzzing ‘, just as much as I am, with your 2016 upcoming events and plans.
Please share them with me, if you would like to.

I hope 2016 brings you infinite possibilities and opportunities, to take you through this exciting new year, and beyond!

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