Let's Travel!

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People who know me consider me as world traveler - althought this wasn't always so. I was above 20 when I left Hungary for the first time (to Vienna, which is one of the closest cities).

I was 25 when I first flew.

Now, less than ten years later, I have more than 200k miles on my frequent flyer account, and have flown at least the same amount with other airlines, too.

You might ask: why? What's my main motivation?

Well, first of all: most likely the lack of any kind of traveling in my childhood did a "printhood" on my personality and I want to "compensate" now.

I like traveling, yes. Moreover: I LOVE traveling. Seeing new places. Meeting new people. Experiencing new cultures. - They all make me excited.

In this new series on my blog, I'll share my experiences - bad or good. Because traveling is fun!

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