Life is not Perfect

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When you read blogs social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you might have the impression that everyone else's life is easy and much better than yours. People tend to post their positive feelings, emotions, and experiences - and their lives tend to be enviable.

I am not an exception either.
"Good for you!", "Easy for you!", “Lucky you!” are envy expressions I hear too often.

People can see that I have three wonderful children.
People can see how much joy and happiness I have with them.
People can see that I am successful in my profession.
People can see that I have been traveling the world, visited 30+ countries in the last few years.
And people see that I am a being-home-all-day mom when not traveling.

What they cannot see is the hard work behind.
They cannot see the long hours I work in my home office. I spend the afternoons with my children, yes. I am like a taxi driver every single afternoon, taking them to judo, dance, and English classes. Then coming home, making dinner, playing and reading together, discussing their days, helping them with homework and their everyday problems, then finally putting them to bed.
And then, when they all fall asleep, sitting back to my office and continue work.
They cannot see the long hours I work when I travel. Sometimes I have literally not even a moment to relax, to enjoy the place where I’m staying, or to do sightseeing.
They cannot see the long years of hard work behind my present success. That I had to start working during my first year of university study to survive. That as an entrepreneur, when I work on a project, that easily means 60+ working hours a week (besides juggling three young children, yes). And also, as an entrepreneur, sometimes I don’t have any project to work on for long months.
They cannot see the juggling the kids and I have to do every day to get them to their afternoon classes. That my baby boy spends his afternoons in the car since his age of three weeks because I have to pick up the big ones from school and take them to their after-school classes.
Every. Single. Afternoon.
They cannot see the discipline and hard work behind my children’s happiness and well-balance.

They cannot see that it’s more than luck.


My life is not perfect either.
I have bad days.
My kids have bad days, too. Usually all the three the same time.
My husband also works crazy lot. Even more than I do.
My contracts can get canceled due to “vis major”. Yes, they really get canceled sometimes. Usually in the worst possible moment.
I get negative critics, too. I can handle most of them, but sometimes they are like a slap in my face.
I am exhausted more often than I admit, even to myself.
I feel down sometimes.
I even cry sometimes.

My life is not perfect.

Still, most of my updates are positive and optimistic.
First, because even on the hardest days, I am positive and optimistic. Sometimes it’s not easy at all, but I enforce myself to be.
Second, because I truly believe my life can be an inspiration to my readers. Even if only one of you thinks “Hey, she could do this! Then I can do it, too!” - I am cheering!
I’ve been getting here on a long and hard way.
But what I want to communicate is not how hard it’s been.
I want you to know that it’s possible.
If I can do these things, you can do even more!

Yes, it’s good for me.
But not because it’s easy.
Not because I’ve been exceptionally lucky.
My life is not perfect.
But it’s wonderful.
Your life is not perfect either.
But it’s wonderful, too.
So let’s go and make our lives count.
Keep sharing positive and inspirational content - but don’t forget the difficulties behind every smile and every positive post.
Happy sharing!

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