ShareMentor - Make it to the Next Level!

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After a lot of discussions and planning, I am more than happy to announce that our new mentoring program has been born. Please welcome ShareMentor!

As a first step, we're going to have two "kick off" meetings at the European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona (4:15pm Tue and Wed, in the Community Area of Expo Hall). During these meetings, you can meet some of the senior thought leaders, hear their stories, etc. We'll do our best to answer questions like "how to best start a blog", "how to become a well-known speaker", "who to ask if I need a review on some of the content I created", etc. etc.

Even before that, you're more than welcome to join our Yammer group in the ESPC14 Network.

Our plan is to move and expand this beyond ESPC, of course. Stay tuned, we're going to announce some VERY exciting things soon!