Singapore, Here I Come

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The countdown is on! I’ll soon be winging my way to Singapore for the IKO Conference 2015 taking place on 8-9 June. Although I do love to travel, I also miss my family when I'm away. However, they are always close to my heart, and an essential in my hand luggage is a rather misshapen, but much loved little “space being” who travels everywhere with me.

This little green guy complete with three eyes was handmade by my, now 9-year-old, son and myself some years back. I take it with me everywhere I travel as the being is supposed to take care of me and whenever I’ve got him with me I feel connected to home.  Call me superstitious, but I once forgot him at home - and had an accident (my only travel accident ever). Needless to say, ever since then my kids have taken extra special care to make sure he’s popped into my hand luggage whenever I travel.

The long haul flights can be pretty exhausting for some, but lucky for me, I'm like Pavlov's dog and can sleep pretty much anywhere. When I'm in business mode, I am in control, but as soon as the control is in someone else’s hands – the pilots - I sleep. On a practical level, it helps prevent jetlag, too. I can jump 6 or even 9 hours back and forth without any serious jetlag.

As soon as I arrive at a destination I dump my bag at the hotel and set off for a walk around the neighbourhood.  If I’ve been there before, the smells, places, people, and food all help me to get “back” there. If it’s a new place, my walking routine helps me get my bearing in a different city.  In Singapore, there is no shortage of sights, sounds or smells. The place has such a crazy, multi-cultural energy. I can never get enough of this amazing little country.  I love the variety of amazing food there. I love the people. I love that so many cultures can live in such great synergy there.

Yep, I'm looking forward to my visit. I'm pretty excited about my presentations too, a case study titled The Next Generation SharePoint: Office Graph, the technologies it powers, and the opportunities and challenges that follow and a session in Pecha Kucha format about Search Based Applications.

If you’re a frequent travelling business professional, I’d love to hear how you cope with the demands of travel so feel free to drop me a comment here on my blog.

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