Task Management Challenges

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Task management has been always a big challenge. The more things you work on, the bigger headache it can cause. Working in a team, seeing your upcoming and current tasks and being able to prioritize and plan them is critical. Moreover, seeing your colleagues’ tasks and schedules can be a major help with your own schedule. As a manager, it’s critical to get insights without asking (interrupting!) your co-workers in a regular basis.

Recently, Actionspace asked me to join them with a webinar, where I can share my experiences on enterprise task management. I accepted their invite happily, because I believe it's an important topic we have to talk about.

In this webinar, I’m doing an overview on some practical task management challenges, and a review on some tools and approaches available on the market today (SharePoint and Outlook tasks, Asana, Actionspace).
Please join me if you want to get your things done and make your and your team’s life easier.

P.S. A webinar recording will be provided to the registered participants only.

Date and time of the webinar: 4pm CET / 10am EST 15 Aprill, 2014.

You can register here.