Upcoming Events in April and May

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The next few weeks will be very busy for me. Besides my day-to-day consultancy job, I speak at three events in the next three weeks:

1) SharePoint Evolution Conference (April 20-22, London UK) - One of my favorite conferences with amazing organizers, superb venue and great speakers. If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about. If not - it's time to register!

My sessions:

2) Microsoft Network (April 27-29, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina) - It's going to be my first time in Bosnia, I'm really honored to be invited to this conference.

My sessions:

3) Microsoft Ignite (May 4-8, Chicago IL) - The largest conference of the year. I'm honored to be back on stage after speaking at the SharePoint Conferences three times in a row.

My session:

Are you attending any of these conferences? Please do say "hi", or let me know in advance and then we can schedule a meet up.

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