When Dreams Come True

We all have dreams, don’t we?

Sometimes, the hurly burly of life has a way of pushing some of those dreams aside. Maybe to make room for the biggest dreams to get happening.

Either way, occasionally, an old long-forgotten dream can resurface, unbidden, and say, ‘Hey remember me?! Long ago I was pretty important to you and I’m back to give you another chance…’ When that happens it is like getting an unexpected and really special, rare, gift.

While it’s true that to make your dreams come true you have to work on it – sometimes you just get lucky and score a bonus dream!!

The Best Dreams Happen When You're Awake
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I recently received exactly that sort of gift – I am so happy and excited that I want to share it with you:

When I was a child, I wanted to dance for many-many years, but I didn’t have the opportunity. First and foremost, because we couldn’t afford it.

Later, while fighting for my education, I gave up, maybe even “forgot” about this dream, and by the time I could have afforded it on my own, I didn’t even try to join any dance club/group.

Then, my children were born. After baby swimming and then doing gymnastics, my daughter decided that she wanted to try dancing. She joined a contemporary dance theater which 1) she loves, 2) she feels she belongs to, 3) we as parents love, too. Her teachers (who are professional dancers) love her, too.

It’s a win for all. Everybody is happy!

And as a “side effect”, sometimes I think about my childhood and my almost-forgotten dancing dreams from that time. I don’t force (never did, and never will) my daughter to dance at all, but it’s so good seeing her being happy in the group – and on the stage.

Dancing on the stafe
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The funny thing is, my daughter’s dance teachers decided to start a group for mothers, too.

I could hardly believe my luck!

At the age of 36, having three children, I finally had a chance to join a dance group!!

My daughter is proud of her mother for joining (she encouraged me to join from the very first second). She’s proud of her teachers for having the patience to teach the mothers-of-little-dancers-in-the-club. And yes, she’s proud of herself for being a much more proficient dancer at the age of 7 than her Mom.

It’s such a joy. It’s so much fun and I love the classes so much - I can hardly fully explain just how amazing and wonderful this is for me. (Although I am not a good dancer at all - but this really doesn’t count, does it? ;-) )

My childhood dream just came true. How special is that?!

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